Summer Photos – Differentiated Language Activities!

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Looking for a summer themed activity that is differentiated for mixed groups or can be used with multiple groups at different levels??  Work on a variety of goals with this pack!

Activities included to target different language levels:
-Basic WH questions:  WH questions are provided based on each photo presented.  Present students with photo and then ask them the corresponding questions.

-Listening for WH questions:  Short stories are provided based on each photo.  Read the stories to your students and have them listen for the who, what, where, when, why, and how.  Then ask them the provided questions.  A graphic organizer is provided to allow students to note-take while listening and focus their listening to the WH questions.

-Listening for Inferences:  Students will listen to short stories and answer questions using their inferencing skills.  A graphic organizer is provided to help students use clues to answer questions.

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