Swapsies Sports! ((APP REVIEW & GIVEAWAY))

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Do you have students that love sports?  Do you have students working on matching, basic vocabulary, answering questions, following directions, and more?!  Keep reading!!!  This new app may be perfect for you!

The developers Spinlight has created a brand new app.  They recently contacted me and offered me an opportunity to check out and share it with you!  Remember, the thoughts and opinions are all mine!

Above you will see the page you are brought to once you open the app.  If you click the two photos on the top left of the page, you can change the character.

There are two activities: mix up and quiz me.  I like to start with mix up!


As you can see above, students have to move the photos in the three bubbles left and right to make a match of an uniform on the character in the middle.  Oh the giggles you will get as they make mix ups!  You can work on yes/no questions here: “do soccer players wear a helmet?”  It is a great way to review sports and sports equipment vocabulary.  It also helps that each sport has a color scheme to help you figure out what goes together as well!  Students need more help?  they can click the “list” button next to the “can you make a match?” tab on the top to see all of their choices:
You can take this list and easily do an associations activity: what goes with soccer?
Now time to check out the quiz me feature.  It is exactly as it sounds.  A little quiz!  A great way to review the vocabulary learned with this app and in other activities in your therapy rooms.  It also is a great way to work on answering questions.
Students can keep trying until they answer accurately which is a feature I really like.  I love opportunities for students to learn from their mistakes.  After several questions, students are rewarded with a bonus round (regardless if they get answers right of wrong.)  These bonus rounds have students locate different locations and objects within sports categories.  Below, my students had to locate all objects related to hockey.  As they click correctly, they were given a check mark as feedback.


Learn more about this $1.99 app by visiting iTunes.  To celebrate the release of this brand new app, Spinlight was generous to provide me 5 of their original Swapsies app that addresses occupations!!  Click HERE to check out my review of that app!
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