The Grouchy Ladybug Companion Pack!

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You asked, I answered!!  A favorite author is Eric Carle, and one great book I like to use in my therapy room is The Grouchy Ladybug.


There are so many goals that can be addressed with this book!  I created a fun companion pack to help target those goals!


In this file:

-Match the time with the animal sequencing cards: Cards for each time mentioned in the story is provided and all of the animals the ladybug ran into.  Students can place the time in the correct order and then add the insects/animals next to it.

-Comprehension Questions:  Use question cards with the board game provided.

-Synonym Sort:  Students must sort the describing cards with the correct synonym (grouchy vs. friendly).

-Which Ladybug Would Say It?: Students must sort the sayings to the appropriate ladybug (grouchy vs. friendly).

-Articulation Cards:  cards to practice the targets (initial /l/ and final /g/) are provided for drill and practice.

Grab this download based on a fan favorite story HERE!