Tricky Comprehension Questions Card Game!

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This past week I observed my students take state assessments for ELA.  I got to take a little peak at some of the questions and was able to determine which questions my speech and language students would have the most difficulty answering.  I created this fun and motivating card game so I can help them prepare for these questions in the future!  This will help them recognize the tricky “wording,” recognize the kinds of questions, and teach them how to answer them.

Using this file:

-30 Paragraph passages provided.

-Print and laminate cards.  Have students pick a card from a hat or pile on a table.

-Students can read the cards themselves or have them read by a teacher/peer.

-Once the student respond correctly, they can hold onto the cards.  There is also a page of cards to award bonus turns or “lose a turn.”  At the end of the game students can add up their cards to determine a winner!

-On each card is a number in the top left corner.  This is if you wanted to use this activity as a “center” or for students to complete answers independently, they can use the numbers to record their responses on the “answer recording sheet.”  This can also be used to help students stay attended to the game being played.  You can give students extra “bonus points” for writing down all of the answers as they play!  An answer key is also provided for students to check their own work.

-A review worksheet is provided which can be used as home practice or review at the end of the game to collect data.

I purposely made the activity colorful to keep students motivated.  I also purposely made the recording sheet and review worksheet in black and white so it is printer/photocopy machine friendly. 🙂

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!