Context Clues Games!

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Since my Main Idea Games and Wild Context Clues Fun activities are such a hit, I have decided to create a 2-in-1 context clues games just for you!

In this file:

-Visual to assist

-Context Clues BINGO:  Print and laminate the BINGO cards for each student.  Then print and cut the sentence cards.  Read to or have student read each card.  They must listen and locate the meaning of the unknown word on their BINGO board.  Keep going until a student gets 5 in a row!

-Context Clues Jeopardy:  Print and laminate the Jeopardy board.  Print and laminate the “candy cover tokens.”  Use the candy tokens or BINGO chips to cover up when a point value has been used.  Print and laminate the task cards.  You can keep them in piles by color to help locate them when students request them.  Students can take turns picking a category and a point value.  Locate the corresponding task card.  Students must express the meaning of the unknown word in order to receive the points.  You can keep track of points on a separate paper or board.  As students respond, students on both teams can complete the “note-taking sheet” with the meaning of the unknown word.   Students can go back and forth picking and responding until all cards are used (or time runs out).

-Review worksheets: as you can see one is multiple choice and the other has lines for students to develop their own responses.  I gave plenty of lines so students can even write their “clues.”

You can access this download in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!