‘Twas Night Before Thanksgiving: Companion Pack!

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I am not rushing the holidays but I wanted to push out a companion pack for those that like to plan ahead!  I apologize for not creating a storybook companion for Halloween!!  I promise to get a few out next year!!  To make up for it, I have one ready to go for Thanksgiving!!

Activities to use with the book, “’Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving” by Dav Plikey.

Addresses the following skills:
-answering questions
-building vocabulary
-higher level thinking

In this activity:
-Comprehension Questions Board Game:  Students must accurately respond to the questions on the cards provided in order to take a turn using a dice/spinner to move around the game board. Answer key is provided.

-Sequencing Cards:  Students must read the sentences provided and arrange them into the correct order of events from the story.

-Vocabulary Matching:  Use the cards to drill and play memory matching games to build vocabulary using words from the story.  I recommend doing this activity BEFORE reading so students will understand the vocabulary as they read.  Also great for working on synonyms!

-Adjective Sort:  Students can sort the adjectives from the story into the categories (good vs. bad).

-Draw & Write:  Several worksheets are provided to elicit imagination and higher level thinking.   I recommend having students share their answers/drawings to elicit conversation/discussion.

You can access this companion pack by clicking HERE!!


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