143: Unlearning and Learning After Graduate School with Jess Teixeira

Unlearning and Learning After Graduate School with Jess Teixeira


Even after graduate school is over, SLPs are continuously learning. We are constantly being given new research and education that could change how we do therapy. 

No matter how long we may have been doing things one way, it’s important to adapt. We live in a time where we have easy access to new information that can improve our therapy skills and make us the best SLPs we can be as long as we lean into it. 

In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I sat down with Jess Teixeira to talk about unlearning what you learned in graduate school and learning new ways of doing things for your students that put their needs first. 

Jessica is a licensed speech-language pathologist in the state of Massachusetts and has been practicing for two years. She is a pediatric private practice owner working mainly with neurodivergent children and specializing in gestalt language processing. 

She has a mission to provide neurodiversity-affirming therapy to all of her clients. She runs an SLP Instagram that mainly focuses on educating parents and other SLPs and professionals on how they can support their neurodivergent children and students. 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How Jess got started working with autistic students
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome as a new SLP
  • Strength-based language
  • Neurodiversity-affirming approaches to speech therapy
  • How Jess discovered Gestalt language processing
  • Child-led therapy
  • How to incorporate a child’s interests in therapy


If there are any areas that you feel like you don’t know enough about or just want to learn more about, I highly recommend you check out the education and information available to you. Don’t be afraid to dive in and try something new! 

If you want to learn more from Jess, make sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her website! They are linked below!

If you are looking for some amazing speech resources for older students, make sure to check out SLP Elevate for monthly, minimal-prep activities that older speech students love! 


Unlearning and Learning After Graduate School with Jess Teixeira


Joke of the Week:

Q: How does a scarecrow drink his juice? 

A: With a straw. 


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