You are a social detective! ((product review!))

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I recently received a copy of “You are a Social Detective!”
by Michelle Garcia Winner & Pamela Crooke.
This is a great book for explaining social thinking to kids.  Not familiar with social thinking?  Learn more about it by clicking HERE!!  This book is part of the Social Thinking
program which I highly recommend to all those working with students with social
skills goals.


This book is a comic book!
How motivating!  This adorable
detective cartoon will teach your students all they need to know about social
skills!  You can use it over and over again
with your students to review their social skills.  There are three different sections: school
smarts/social smarts & expected behavior, unexpected behavior, and being a
social detective.  It is best to use this
book combined with real life discussions and role playing activities!


This book refers to “social smarts.”  This teaches students that you are always
thinking about others and others are thinking about us.  You use these smarts whenever you are around
people.  How great of a concept to teach
our students?!


This book also talks about expected and unexpected
behaviors.  What do you expect people to
do socially in school, on the playground, and in conversations?  The behaviors that you cannot predict or
expect others to do is called unexpected!
Examples:  child not doing what
their parents tell them, not paying attention to a teacher, and saying mean
words.  This book teaches students that
these unexpected behaviors can make others feel uncomfortable.
It teaches students that it is important to know what is
expected and that each different place/situation can have different
expectations!  Being a social detective
means that you are using your social smarts (aka all of these learned skills!).   If students use clues from all around them
and run them through their brains (think about it), students then can figure
out how to behave in all different places.


The book asks students questions to elicit conversation
about what they've learned in the book!


What else does the book include?
-A list of new vocabulary words and definitions discussed in
the book about social detectives and social smarts
-Notes to parents about carryover and where they can find
more resources
-3 social lessons to use in conjunction with this book!
My suggestions for carryover activities:
-Role play expected and unexpected social scenarios
-Sort pictures and sentences which depict expected and
unexpected social behaviors
-Sort expected social behaviors into different locations:
school, home, stores, etc.
-Students can make their own social detectives comic strip
using what they've learned!


-Practice being detectives!
Give students clues and they must determine what others are thinking,
going to say, and expected to do!  For
example:  A student is in class and sitting at their desk in the back of the
room.  The teacher is writing on the
board the homework.  How is the student
expected to do, look, say, and feel?
Want to more learn about this book? Visit their website to learn how you can access this $20 book by clicking HERE!