Candy Conversations!

Based on feedback from you, many have enjoyed and already used my Monster's Make Sense! activity for working on topic initiation and maintenance.  I have had requests to create an activity similar to what I used it the post linked.  Introducing, Candy Conversations!

With a fun and motivating candy theme.  I tried to target MANY skills!!!  Keep reading!

vs. Statement Sorting Cards

The gumball machines contain visuals as well of what is expected.  Students must sort the gumballs into the correct machine!!  A review worksheet is included as well!


What's the Key Word?
This activity contains a visual to guide students to complete activity.  The purpose is to teach students to listen to key words in sentences to help understand.  By listening to what is being told that is important, they are ready to learn how to respond!  I provided 2 choices (obvious ones too to help those that are having trouble).  Yes, there may be more than one key word.  The multiple choice helps those that cannot locate any!  A review worksheet is provided as well at the end of this activity!


Turn the statement into a question:
Now that students know how to listen for key words, they can turn statements into questions to ask others for more information.  I prepare my students for this using index cards:



As you can see, I use 2 different colors to show which parts stay the same.  Once students understand, they should be ready to practice using this activity pack:


A review worksheet is provided as well!

Keep the conversation going!
Now that students have mastered all the above skills, they are ready to have conversations!  A visual and topic initiation cards are provided.  Students should follow the routine mentioned on the visual to assist them!


Open-Ended Board Game:
Feel free to use this activity to elicit conversation, along with any of the above activities, or other conversation/pragmatic task cards!

I hope you find this activity pack download useful and fun!  Click here to learn more!!