Introducing: Memory Category Game App!


Working on improving memory and vocabulary?  Wish you could do both with one simple app!  Well, you can.  Most “memory” game apps just target basic labeling vocabulary, but none that I have seen also works on building vocabulary through categorization.  Created by “Exceptional Speech Products,” they provided me the app to try and share.  However, the thoughts and opinions are all mine!

This app is simple to use and touches upon all basic categories: animals (from various environments), occupations, emotions, clothing, fruits, vegetables, desserts, buildings, etc!

How do you use it?  Well you start with four pictures and as you are accurate you are allowed to use the larger amounts.  Students are presented with pictures in various locations.  They must recall the locations of the matching pictures and then locate them by “flipping them over” by tapping the boxes.

What is the peak time for?  Your student cannot remember, want them to ask for help, they can hit “peak” to take another look if they cannot remember.  You can determine the length of the peak time if desired.  The app counts the amounts of peaks they took so you can monitor and see if the number reduces with practice.

You will notice that there is a percentage that is kept throughout.  Just note, that if you exit out, you cannot retrieve that percentage.  The % is just a score, it does not tell you how many trials and how many specifically were correct or incorrect.  I hope in an upgrade you can store the scores in the app for progress monitoring.

This I liked about this app:
You got to work on categorization and can discuss how the pictures fall in that category.  Can also discuss what pictures could have also been included.  You also get to work on building memory and strategies such as asking for help, visualization, repeating in head, etc.

This I disliked about this app:
I wish you could input students and record how they perform over time.  I wish you could keep going in one category instead of constantly switching.  There is no way to see how many items you have done and more to go, you just keep going until you decide you have had enough.  I definitely hope they consider these features in the future.  This app is a little pricey, $4.99 compared to other apps.

Want to learn more?  Visit iTunes here!