Compare & Contrast with EET!

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Are you familiar with EET yet?!  EET, or Expanding Expression Tool, is a great multisensory way to teach new vocabulary and concepts.  I love to pull out this tool and show students how to use it during various vocabulary activities.  One such activity, comparing and contrasting.

I was using my Compare & Contrast Pictures activity.  My students were required to express how the objects were the same (stuck to this one first.  I like to make sure they can master one before moving on the concept of different).

My students struggled with how to determine how they were the same.  So…EET to the rescue!!  I grabbed a mini dry erase board and marker and we were ready to go!  Students went through each bead and made a check or “x” based on if the two pictures shown on the card had the same answers.  This also then showed them how they were different too!

As you can see above in my picture, watch & clock:

  • yes, they are both tools for telling time
  • yes, they both are used for telling time
  • no, they do not look alike, one is big and one is small
  • yes, they can both be made out of plastic
  • yes, they both have similar parts, an hour hand and minute hand
  • no, you won't find them in the same place, the clock is on the wall and the watch is on the wrist
This method helped them so much!!  How do you teach compare & contrast?!