Cookies and Milk Roll & Color! Open-Ended Activity (FREEBIE!)

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Are you looking for a fun, calm, and motivating activity?  Are you looking for ideas to use with the story “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?!”  Check out my latest no prep activity FREEBIE!

Just print, grab a dice, and go!

Students can roll a dice to determine the amount of cookies and/or milk they can color after completing any task!

Want to make it a competition?  Here are 2 ideas:

  • The student that colors their entire sheet first is the winner!
  • One page for 2 students or 2 teams, one team “milk” and the other “cookies.”  Which one can be colored first?!
I decided to use this activity with a fun game I have in my toy closet.  Students got to pick a cookie from the jar after they completed a task to determine the amount of pictures to color!

Used this one today and they had a blast!!  It was a fun and motivating way to also work on counting!

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