Easter EET Fun! (fun ways to incorporate the EET during Easter time!)

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Are you looking for more ways to incorporate the EET into your therapy rooms during Easter time?!  I have some activities that I have been doing to help you out!!  Don't have an EET kit?!  Learn more about it by clicking HERE!

What did I use?!

  • The EET strand
  • Object cards from the EET kit
  • EET dice from the EET kit
  • EET stickers from the EET kit
  • A fun, spring basket/bin that I got from the Target dollar spot
  • Graphic organizer from my activity pack found HERE!
  • Index cards or small pieces of paper
  • Easter eggs that I got from a dollar store
Pick an EET Egg:
  • I put an EET sticker on small pieces of paper and placed them in the Easter Eggs.  I put the eggs in the buckets and gave one to each student.  Only one basket?  You can place them all in a basket and pass the basket around.  (my students have a tendency to “cheat” so I presort to avoid it!)
  • Students picked a card from the object card and an Easter egg.  They had to open the egg to find out how they had to describe the object on the card!!
EET Dice Fun:
  • Students can pick an object card and roll the dice to find out how they need to describe it.
  • Once they respond accurately, they can hunt for an Easter egg around the therapy room!
  • Some groups I put in little prizes such as erasers in the eggs.  Other groups, I put in pieces of paper with multi-step directions to follow (to work on other skills for groups with multiple goals).
  • This was so much fun and students loved moving around the room!
Graphic Organizer Fun:
  • We used these graphic organizers as a review
  • Students got to pick a card from the object cards pile
  • They had to independently use the EET to describe it
  • It was a great way to collect data!
Looking for other ways to use the EET during Easter time?  Have you seen my Easter EET Companion pack?!  How do you use the EET during Easter?!  Hope these ideas can help you plan the next few days/week!