Pizza Predicting Party!

One of my top selling items on my TpT store is my Pizza Party Sequencing Games.  Whether it is the pizza theme or the comprehension skill addressed, I decided to create another activity using the same theme!

One skill I am addressing with my older students is predicting.  I took out all of my fun predicting materials and games:


 In the photo:
Predicting Outcomes: Western Frontier Game (comes in various levels):  I bought this one at a teacher supply store but the link is to Barnes and Nobles.
Story Prediction Fun Deck: The one with the secret decoder from Super Duper.
Skatepark Rally: Predicting Outcomes Interactive Game (can use on a Smart Board or computer/laptop): I just recently got a whole bunch of computer games from Lakeshore Learning.  This was one of the amazing games.  My students are loving these games.  I will be featuring all of them soon in a post!

I realized I was constantly prompting my students to assist them while using these materials.  Although I recommend all of them, I wanted more!  I decided to create a fun pizza themed activity to work on predicting!

I think it is important to provide speech and language students with a strategy to assist them with difficult concepts and tasks.  I created the steps required in order to predict and made visual to display!

Now time to practice!  I created two sets of task cards at two different levels:

  • Level 1: More basic.  One sentence with a predicting question.
  • Level 2: More complex.  A paragraph is provided with a multiple choice to select the appropriate response by predicting.


There are several ways you can use these task cards:

  • Use with any motivating game/activity
  • Use the cards provided to make a card game out of it.  Cards are provided to have students “lose their cards” and “get a bonus turn.”  Students can draw a card, and complete the required tasks.  Student with the most cards at the end wins.
  • Open-ended board game is provided.  You can have students respond to the task cards to move along the board.  You can also use a dice/spinner and when the student lands on a space they must respond to a task card.



Review!  I love to include review worksheets with my activities.  Since this download contains two levels, there are two worksheets included!


I hope you will find this download fun and useful for your therapy rooms.  Feel free to click the links included above to check out the other products I use in my therapy room to work on predicting!  To learn more about this Pizza Party Predicting Activity click here!  What materials and activities do you use in your classrooms/therapy rooms!?