Feed the Bunny File Folder: Great for students with Autism, using ABA, expanding utterances and more!

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Are you loving my feed the… file folder activities?!  Well…my spring/Easter one is ready!!

Students will have fun following the directions, identifying the various food/colors requested and feed the bunny!  Just glue the bunny onto a file folder, cut out the mouth, and you are done! (Laminate for durability and so it can last year after year!)

Tons of sentence strips provided to encourage expanding utterance length!  Follow-up activities are provided.  You can glue one to the back of the file folder (can't do both because then the mouth gets covered).  I like to pick the one I will use most and glue that one to the back and the other one to a piece of construction paper.  I keep all the pieces together in the file folder!!  Use the food pieces that you fed the bunny with to sort in the follow-up activities.

Review worksheets provided that can be sent home for homework as well!

You can access this file folder activity by clicking HERE!!

Like them all?!  You can grab the bundle HERE!  Already have the bundle?!  Just redownload it to get this new one!!