Feed The Monkey! (Great for students with Autism, ABA, and those working on following directions & expanded utterance length!)

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I have several students working on expanding utterance length and need basic following directions tasks to do so.  I am constantly using sentence strips to encourage expressive language.  I have been working hard to create a fun, new idea to use with them and I hope you can use it too!

The preparation of this may seem overwhelming, but I will let you know I was able to put it all other during my 30 minute prep period (with time left over to run some photocopies!).

Students will get to follow directions to feed the monkey various fruits and vegetables.  They will get to work on:

  • Food, parts of an animal, and color vocabulary
  • Follow directions
  • Answering questions (“what” and yes/no)
  • Expanding utterance length
  • Requesting (they can request the various food items from you as well as crayons in the follow up activities)
  • Rejection (hand them the wrong food item!)
  • and more!!
Two follow up activities are provided which can be added to the file folder or kept separately.
Several review worksheets are provided too!  This is great because you can send them home so parents/guardians can see what you are doing!
I am so excited about this activity and I hope you are too!
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