218: Helping Parents with IEPs with Wendy Taylor

Helping Parents with IEPs with Wendy Taylor

Do you struggle sometimes talking to parents and navigating the whole IEP process with parents?

If so, you are going to love today’s guest on SLP Coffee Talk! I sat down with Wendy Taylor to talk all about how you can better help parents when it comes to IEPs. 

Wendy shares all of her best tips and tricks for communicating with parents, sharing your findings, handling disagreements, and helping parents advocate for their own kids in those tricky IEP meetings. 

Wendy Taylor is a certified Educational Therapist, qualified Orton-Gillingham practitioner, trained Educational Diagnostician, skilled IEP Coach, and the host of the Special Ed Strategist® Podcast.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The biggest challenges parents face in the IEP process
  • How to present information to parents so that they actually understand 
  • Communication tips and tricks to help make the IEP process go smoother
  • Tips for when students are a part of the IEP meetings
  • The best way to present your findings to parents and how to handle disagreements
  • How to help parents get their voices heard 
  • Tips for using progress reports throughout the year
  • Resources for parents to better understand IEP meetings

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Wendy! If you want to learn more from her, make sure to check out her website to learn more about the resources she offers and the course she has for parents. You can also tune in to the Special Ed Strategist Podcast here! 

Want to know where to start and feel confident creating goals and IEPs for your older speech students?! I help with that inside of SLP Elevate! You get tools to gather information, goal banks, and even a digital data tool! Learn more at slpelevate.com.

Joke of the Week:

Q: Why is the letter A like a flower? 

A: Because a bee comes after it. 

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