How Do You Use It?! BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION: Paper Clips! (linky party)

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Have you been enjoying my “how do you use it?” linky party posts?!  I decided to do a fun bonus one for back to school season.

We learned in graduate school, that any SLP can do therapy with anything, even a paper clip…so why not have this bonus topic be what we would do with a paper clip in therapy!

If you gave me a jar of paper clips, not only would this SLP be thrilled because she loves organizational materials but I could do some great therapy ideas with it!

What would I do?!

  • Following directions: I would give each student a pile of paper clips and make them follow my directions (“put a clip on your head” “put two in the jar”).  You can target one step or multiple steps with this!  You can also target spacial concepts too!
  • Comparatives/superlatives: you can have students connect them to make various sized strings of clips.  Which one is long?  Which one is longer?  Which one is the longest?
  • Use them as a reinforcer or token system!!  For each target sound or answer given correctly, students can receive a paper clip!  If they reach a certain amount they can get a sticker/prize/reward at the end of the session!
  • Sorting by color or size!!
Those are just a few examples of what I would use paper clips for if given the chance!  I can probably think of tons more too!  Now it is time to see how other other SLP bloggers would use paper clips in therapy!! See below!!