How Do You Use It?! July: Post-Its! (Linky party!)

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It's that time again…time to find out how I (and other SLPs/educators) use common items found in classrooms/therapy rooms!!  I know it is summer but some work summer school, and others just  have fun browsing Pinterest/blogs to get ideas for next school year.  Either way, enjoy!!

This months topic: POST-ITS!!  I LOOOOVE post-its!!  Whether it is to just quickly put a memo, reminder and even use them during speech sessions!!

Here are some ways I have used Post-Its in my therapy room…

By cutting post-its into smaller pieces (or purchase them already like that), you can easily make a quick note-taking strategy for students while reading texts.  I like to have students stop after reading/listening to a paragraph at a time.  I check for understanding by asking “what was it all about?” My students know by now that I am looking for the main idea.  Then, they can write the main ideas on their post-its and stick it to the side of the page/paper.  They can easily remove all of their post-its after to help write a summary or use them to locate answers to comprehension questions without having to re-read the entire text!  They love this strategy!

I always have a stack of index cards and post-its near my therapy table.  It is a great way to easily create a visual when necessary.  What would make me pick the post-it over the index card?!  I can easily stick it to a page or table!  This is great for students that want to move it out of the way! Ha!  Check out below some samples of how I've used this:

I recently blogged about how I used these fun Mustache Post-its that I found at Staples.  Click HERE to learn more about it!

How do you use Post-its?!  Do you use them in therapy or more for organizational purposes?!  Check out below how other SLP/bloggers use post-its!!  Also, stay tuned to next months topic!  Gather up your ideas to use for next school year!!