How Do You Use It?! June: Clothes Pins (Linky Party)

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I cannot believe it is June already!! Are you ready to learn more about how I use common objects found in a classroom/speech room!? This months object: Custom Enamel Pins for your clothes!

You can easily find these a craft stores and dollar stores. Since they are so cheap, I don't mind when my students accidentally break them!

I have posted some of these ideas in the past, but maybe you've missed it!

Butterfly Listening Comprehension:
I created this FUN FREEBIE using a butterfly theme. Each butterfly has 4 images. You can work on listening comprehension and following directions with this fun idea. Do you hate when students scream out answers?! Are your students having time holding their answers while waiting for the group to respond?! By giving students clothes pins, they can place the clothes pin on the image being described quietly. This will not distract others and is just fun! Click HERE to learn more about this activity and grab this freebie for yourself!

Articulation Insert the Sound!
Working on CVC or CVCV words? You can write articulation targets on the clothes pins and have students insert them into the CVC and CVCV words written on index cards! This makes drilling interactive and fun! You can even create nonsense words too! You can learn more about this idea by clicking HERE!

All you have to do is write “er” and “est” on clothes pins! I made these simple strips using Boardmaker. My students were able to place the clothes pins on and practice using these concepts! I started off putting things in the correct order so it was easy for them to see. Then I mixed them up!

Storybook Sequencing:
Grab a piece of yarn, some clothespins and you can easily do a sequencing activity! Check out how I used this idea with the book, The Jacket I Wear In The Snow! Learn more about this idea and my companion pack by clicking HERE!


Do you love clothes pins too?! It is a great way to win brownie points with your building Occupational Therapist too!! I've even given some of these activities to the OT so she can incorporate these language/articulation goals while working on the fine motor task of pushing the clothes pin!

Check out how other SLPs and bloggers use clothes pins below! Also, stay tuned to next month's topic!