We’re Making Breakfast For Mother Companion Pack!


Can you believe Mother's Day is around the corner?!  One book I love to pull out this time of the year is, We're Making Breakfast for Mother by Shirley Neitzel.  This book is great for teaching sequencing, recall, adjectives, basic predicting/inferencing, and answering questions!  The repetition in this book is amazing and great for bombardment of concepts and vocabulary!

In this activity pack:

-Sequencing Pictures:  Students can use to retell the story.  Have them place the items on top of the tray in the same order as the story.

-Noun-Adjective Match:  Students can play memory matching games by matching object to the describing word used in the story.  Sorting mat is provided as well to use as a sorting activity with same cards!

-Comprehension Questions Game:  Help get the mother to breakfast by answering the comprehension questions based on the story.  Use with the board game provided.

-Draw & Write:  Students can draw and write about what they would make their mother for breakfast.

-Medial /k/ and /th/ Articulation Game:  Students must pick a card and express the word on the card.  If they pick the “breakfast fun” card, they get an extra turn.  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner!

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