If You Give A Cat A Cupcake: Storybook Companion Pack


A new storybook companion pack is finally here!!  Finally, one for If You Give A Cat A Cupcake by Laura Joffe Numeroff.


In this file:
-Sequencing Cards: Big version  can be used as large visuals while telling and retelling story.  If you print two copies of this version, students can play memory matching games with the vocabulary.

-Small version can be used for sequencing on construction paper or a paint stick.

-Sentence Strip:  Use with sequencing cards.

-Retelling Setting Cards:  This book goes from one location to another and back.  By just showing your students the pictures of the settings, can they retell the story?  Can they identify the activities that occurred in each place?

-Sentence Strip:  To use with the retelling setting cards.

-What did the cat see? Worksheet: Students can recall items they saw in each location by writing them onto the worksheet.  Use the visual on the previous page to elicit longer utterances.

-Comprehension Board Game:  Students can practice their recall and comprehension skills on the task cards to move across the board game.  Various question types are used for practice.

-Cause-effect:  Students must express the effect based on the cause provided.  A visual is provided to assist students.  If the student picks the “captain,” they get an extra turn.  Student with the most cards at the end is the winner.  A worksheet with a graphic organizer is provided to have students practice writing/expressing causes and effects based on the game.

-Basic Cause-Effect:  Students will be provided with a visual and must match cause to their effects.  You can use these cards for teaching, drilling, and practicing with memory matching games.

-Compare/Contrast Worksheet: Venn Diagram to compare/contrast a real cat vs. the cat in the story.

-Beach vs. Not the Beach Worksheet: The cat in the story found a variety of items at the beach that he wanted to put into his pail.  Sort the pictures into the correct category based on if you would find them at the beach.

-Cat Color By Antonyms:  Students must express an antonym for a word in or related to the story in order to color the picture provided.

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