Introducing, Mneemo!

This app was developed by an SLP and her technology-savvy
husband.  I was recently contacted by her
to check out her recently released app.
This app is an easy to use memory matching game.  It comes with four categories:
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Animals
  • Shapes


For each category, you can select the difficulty level:
4 pairs
6 pairs
8 pairs
10 pairs
12 pairs
These categories are great for preschool/early childhood
SLPs, educators and parents.  This is
great for building vocabulary, receptively and expressively.  Do they recognize when they find the same
image?  Can they label the image?  This also helps build turn taking, play
skills, and elicits conversation.  The
cute sounds and animation when they get the answers correct and incorrect is
My favorite aspect is the ability to add your own
images.  I easily took Boardmaker images
I have in my photos on my iPad and added them, and categorized them into the
game.  As you can see, I took my
adjective images.  Once they are added,
they are shown in the main page as one of the categories to select.  I don’t have to keep re-adding them!





How do I get Boardmaker images onto my iPad?  I make a large box on my Boardmaker
page.  I copy and page that image into
the Paint program.  I save each image
separately.  I then email them to myself
which allows me to open them up as pictures.
It can be time consuming, but once it is done, it is done! What are some
other Boardmaker images that I can use with this app?
Wh- Questions
Other Vocabulary Concepts: clothing, winter,
around the home, etc.
Learn more about this $0.99 app HERE!
The developer was extremely generous and provided me with THREE more codes to give away!  Enter below!

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