Introducing, No Glamour Vowels!


I was recently contacted by a fellow SLP, Denise Parks.  She informed me that she and two other
colleagues developed a product based on the fact that they noticed in the
schools that there were several students requiring vowel therapy.  They noticed there were limited suitable
materials to use.  With that that thought
in mind, they created, “No Glamour Vowels.”
This book and CD are available through Linguisystems.  They have recently sent me a copy to try out
and review for all of you.  Just note
that the opinions are all mine!
What can you find in this book?
  •  General vowel information
  •  General techniques for vowel therapy
  • Vowel production screener
  • For EVERY sound (long and short) and
    diphthong:  word lists, activity ideas,
    single word level (CV, CVC, CCVC) and word/phrase/sentence level presentation
    of the sounds.   Sounds are in a box
    which can be cut and used for drill or any form of activity desired.


For example, for the “long a” one can find:
  • Information such as mastery age and simple vowel
    placement, physiological description and elicitation ideas
  • Word list: VC, CV, CVC, CVC, CVCC, and others
  • Activity ideas such as making a cake as an art
  • Word cards such as: trains, thank, and straight
    with images


·       Cards for word/phrase/sentence level such as: day, this day, The baby blue jays will hatch
  All cards have images as
Sounds addressed:
•Long a
•Short a
•Long e
•Short e
•Long i
•Short i
•Long o
•Short o
•Hooked “u” (e.g., book)
•Diphthong “ow”
•Diphthong “oi”
The CD that came with the book is a bit different.  The CD has generalization and practice ideas
to easily print and use or even send home.
It uses all the same sounds as the book.
•Generalization picture pages—illustrations with a short
story or poem loaded with the target vowel sounds
•Personalized Practice—each word is presented with a picture
and blank lines so you can customize the practice to your client
The table of contents of the CD can be found in the book as
well.  However, you can purchase the CD
without the book and it will contain the entire book.
Things I like about this product:
  • Great for Tier 3 in RTI
  • Great resource when doing professional
    development and helping teachers with strategies for improving reading/spelling
  • Comprehensive and includes every sound
  • Takes the thinking out of making word lists!
  • Love the activity suggestions and even
    production suggestions


Learn more about this product, view sample
pages/table of contents, and how you can get this product yourself, at LINGUISYSTEMS.