iSequences App Review & Giveaway!!


More giveaways?!? Yes!!!  Just like you, I am doing my research for next year already!!  Why not learn about and win apps to use!

Introducing: iSequences created by Fundación Planeta Imaginario.  They were generous to provide me a code to demonstrate for you how useful it could in a speech therapy room and give one away to one lucky reader!

Above you will see the opening screen.  The “book” will bring you to an explanation of the app.  The “gears” allows you to modify the settings.  You can decide if you want to present all the scenarios and levels or pick and choose.  You can decide if text and play back audio are provided.  You can choose the types of activities:

  • put it in the right order
  • what will happen next
  • emotions
  • some, one, or all of the above!

There are two levels of directions provided with three or four pictures.  A total of 100 sequences and 6 characters are included in this app.  Students will have fun practicing sequences with:

  • Autonomous habits such as brushing teeth
  • Fun activities such as going to the beach
  • Daily situations such as going to the doctor
  • Emotions such as being afraid

Above is an example of a sequencing prompt provided.  Students must drag the pictures into the correct order.  I think it is important to have students say the story as they move the pieces.  It will help them think aloud and self correct when necessary.  For some students, I felt it was important to prompt them by providing a sentence for each picture first.  Then they were able to repeat my sentences while moving the pictures.  Up to you and the goals in mind!

When students are correct, they will be presented with a fun graphic:

I liked to discuss how the graphic related to the story they just told.  It helped bring it all together!

You can choose to hit the arrow to move onto the next sequence story or wait patiently for the follow up question.  There are two types that could pop up.

Students may be asked what would happen afterwards (could be used for predicting):

Or they may be asked to infer how the character may feel:

I personally LOVE the follow up questions.  It help elicits other goals and helps create a story.

Overall, I think this app is great for making sequencing cards fun and motivating.  I wish there was a score keeping feature.  Hopefully this is something they will consider in the future!

Want to learn more?  Can't wait to win and want to purchase already?!  Go to iTunes!

Now it is the time and try and win this app!!  Good luck!

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