SLP Secret Santa Exchange!

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As the SLP blogging world grows, I have been growing with it.  I have learned so much from my blogging/materials creating experiences.  I have also “met” so many other SLP bloggers in the process.  They are a group creative and friendly women that although I have yet to ever actually meet in person, I have learned so much about each and every one of them, I feel like I have met them!  This year, to get into the holiday spirit, we had a Secret Santa gift exchange!  We had so much fun learning more about each others interests and likes.  We all have so much in common even though we live in various parts of the country!!

I was so excited when my gift came in the mail!  Who doesn't love presents and mail?!  When I opened the package, look what I saw:

My Secret Santa remembered and knew how much I love scarves, chevron, and the color purple!

Look at my cute new scarf:

Check out my cute new necklace key chain for my school ID badge and classroom keys!  I am now so trendy and cool!  (you can see the Etsy store name in the picture if you are interested in one for yourself)

My Secret Santa also knew that I celebrated Hanukkah and got me the perfect card to complete the package!
Can you see in the card who my Secret Santa was?!  It was Kristine from Live Love Speech!
I had so much fun shopping for my person and receiving such fabulous gifts!  Click HERE to see who I bought gifts for!! It definitely helped lift spirits as I was “patiently” awaiting holiday vacation!  Check out the other bloggers to see what other goodies were received!  Many got great SLP goodies that can make great gifts for the end of the school year (or next holiday season!).