Love What I Do!

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I don't know about you, but when I am busy at work I cannot wait for vacations: relaxing, time with friends/family, finishing projects around the  house, can eat/use the restroom whenever I like, and more!  But as I sit here doing laundry and paying bills, I find myself playing on Pinterest pinning therapy ideas!  What?!  Thinking about work while I am off?!  Am I crazy?!

I have a weird feeling I am not alone.  I am always looking up fun new ways to motivate and educate my students.  The more creative and innovative I am, the less behavior problems I see and better results!  Although I am sad to see students graduate from speech, I love showing up to team meetings and share with the team the amazing progress students are showing in speech sessions.  I love to share ideas that work in my therapy room with classroom teachers in hopes that they will try them out in their rooms and see the same results I see.

What are my favorite things to pin?

  • Organization ideas
  • Data collection
  • DIY games that can be used with any goal
  • New books to use for various seasons/themes
  • RTI/common core resources and ideas
  • Easy craft ideas for this not so crafty speechie
In the past, I have taken fun ideas that I found from reading and general education teacher bloggers and turned them into great speech therapy ideas!!  For example, if you have not caught these ideas in the past:



You can access links to these ideas here: BOTTLECAP SENTENCES & BUTTERFLY CLOTHESPINS
I know I have been slacking in my pinning on my Speech Time Fun pinterest account but I promise to share some more great ideas that I have found!  Click HERE to follow my pin boards.  I also recommend following collaborative pinboards that already exist related to your interests.  What are collaborative pinboards?  Many bloggers/pinterest users pin to one spot!  It helps manage what traffic comes on your home page so you do not see the same pins over and over!Overall…I just LOVE what I do!  I love being a licensed speech-language pathologist!  I love working in the schools!  I love love love everything about it!  It was the best decision I ever made going into this field.  I love the opportunities to continuously learn and grow in the field.  Each year, I am always looking for new activities and ideas, I never just use the same ones I had in the past!  It makes it so interesting and fun!

What do you like to pin?  Do you find yourself pinning while off on vacation?  What are you hoping to see more of in the future?