25: Let’s Go On A Virtual Field Trip!

Virtual Field Trip

In a time when we are all doing fewer in-person therapy sessions and more virtual visits online, it can be difficult to find fun ways to work with our students. One great resource that I have enjoyed are FREE virtual field trips. 


In this quick episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I’m excited to be your guide through the world of virtual field trips. I share with you some of my personal favorites and how I use them to encourage language learning with my students. 



In This Episode, You’ll Discover: 


  • What a virtual field trip is 
  • How you can use easily use virtual field trips in your therapy sessions
  • Examples of fun virtual experiences to try
  • Suggestions for prompts to use with students alongside the field trips


After giving this episode a listen, you will have a list of fun virtual field trips to use – especially in your virtual sessions with students. 


Don’t forget to reach out to me on Instagram @speechtimefun and let me know which virtual field trip you are going to check out first!  Do you have any other fun ones to share with me? 


Virtual Field Trip


Joke of the Week: 


Q: What did one campfire say to another? 

A: Should we go out tonight?


Resources Mentioned: 


National Aquarium Virtual Tour

Disney Parks Virtual Tour

Buckingham Palace Tour

Houston Zoo Virtual Visit

Additional Field Trip Options


Where We Can Connect: 


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