26: Incorporating Curriculum Verbs into Speech Therapy

curriculum; verbs; speech therapy

There’s SO MUCH curriculum for students to master in class, and it is imperative that speech sessions continue that learning when possible.  When I was introduced to the work of Cathy Alexander, I was blown away by her knowledge of grade-level curriculum, and I’m sure you will be too. 

Cathy Alexander has been a speech pathologist for over 25 years working in public schools and private pediatric clinics. She is an international speaker on the subject of vocabulary and the author of Core Curriculum Articulation – S, R, L, and the WH Question Blast Off Board Game. 

Grab a notebook and pen for this episode as Cathy teaches us how she incorporates the curriculum vocabulary – particularly verbs- into her speech sessions. She gives such great details about why verbs are the perfect choice to use and why they are critical for a student’s overall success. 



In This Episode, You’ll Discover: 


  • How to interpret research and then incorporate it into your sessions
  • Where to begin with curriculum vocabulary
  • Why a limited verb lexicon is a red flag
  • Ways to encourage verb diversity in a session and at home
  • Strategies to help with vocabulary retention
  • The two critical parts to making vocabulary stick long-term
  • How many verbs Cathy recommends using in a session
  • The concept of a content string
  • Suggestions for grade-level curriculum activities 
  • How to collaborate with teachers and curriculum specialists


curriculum; verbs; speech therapy


I’m certain that you will be amazed at the valuable information that Cathy shares in this episode about incorporating verbs. What verb concept do you plan to start within your next session? 


Joke of the Week: 


Q: Why didn’t the teddy bear eat his lunch? 

A: Because he was stuffed. 


Q: What do polar bears eat for lunch? 

A: Iceberg-ers


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