Listening For Details Variety Pack!

I worked hard before my power went out to get a listening activity together.  Many that purchased my Listening for Details Halloween theme requested more activities like it.  I decided to make a variety pack!


In this file a variety of activities to work on listening skills:
-What’s in the treasure chest?:  Students listen to clues to guess what the pirates have in their treasure chest
-What’s being served?  Listen to the clues to know which food is going to go onto the plate next.
-Fun on the Farm: Listen to the clues to know which animals are in the barn.
-Be the detective!  Each student gets a coloring page.  They listen to the clues provided to guess which detective is being discussed.  They then must color the detective the color used in the description heard.


-Go for the gumballs: Listening for details cards with a board game.
-Dino Dash Listening for Absurdities: Card game to practice listening for details (incorrect ones for that matter)

You can access this at my TpT store!