75: Private Practice SLPs and School SLPs…Let’s Unite! with Lexi Smith

Private Practice SLPs and School SLPs...Let's Unite! with Lexi Smith



I know many of you in the schools are working with students that are also seeing children in private practices or outside therapy. There are also a lot of you that want to recommend students to outside therapy because they might not have qualified for school-based therapy.

A lot of questions come up about these types of situations which is why I am so grateful to be joined by Lexi Smith in this episode who owns a private practice called Cascada Resilient Therapy.

We are talking all about how school SLPs and private SLPs can collaborate to set up the best plan of care possible for the child/family.

Lexi Smith, MA, CCC-SLP collaborates with many occupational and physical therapists, play therapists, counselors, nutritionists, doctors, and other care providers. These contacts and her breadth of experience allow her to provide the highest quality and most holistic care possible in order to fulfill her commitment to empower her clients and help them and their families achieve their goals. 

Lexi opened Cascada Resilient Therapy in early March 2021. After marketing her tail off, she ended up with a few clients in just two weeks. She gets to dedicate so much more of her effort to personalizing care towards families and doesn’t feel burned out at the end of the day like she used to before owning her private practice.


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Common challenges that school SLPs face
  • What to do when students don’t meet the requirement for school-based services
  • Recommendations for school-based SLPs to present private practice to a parent 
  • What the cost options are for private practice
  • How to best communicate with private practice SLPs as a school-based SLP
  • Navigating different opinions and views with other SLPs
  • How to collaborate on goal creation and treatment plans
  • Advice for SLPs that want to start a private practice


This episode is such a great resource for school-based SLPs that are either trying to collaborate with private practice SLPs or those that are interested in starting a private practice of their own!

Lexi provided a lot of valuable tips and information for us. I hope they help you collaborate and advocate for other SLPs throughout the course of treatment.

Make sure to connect with Lexi on Instagram, and send her a DM letting her know how much you loved hearing her on the episode! You can find her Instagram linked below.

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Private Practice SLPs and School SLPs...Let's Unite! with Lexi Smith


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