32: Push-In Therapy: Make it Work!

The Dabbling Speechie Felice Clark and Hallie Sherman

Sometimes doing push-in therapy makes me feel like a teaching assistant. How about you? What roadblocks do you experience when doing push-in therapy? Is it really worth trying?

In this episode, I get to chat with my “push-in therapy go-to person” Felice Clark.  Felice, aka The Dabbling Speechie, has a Master’s degree in speech pathology and audiology and has been an SLP for 13 years.

Felice sheds light on lesson preps, co-working with different teachers and making the experience creative and unique for your students. If you're overwhelmed with push-in therapy, don't miss this episode! It will get you inspired and hooked to try this delivery model!


In this episode, you’ll discover: 


  • Why some SLPs don’t practice push-in therapy
  • Different ways you can work collaboratively with other teachers
  • Tips on how to manage materials and plans
  • Strategies for behavior management
  • What information you need to gather before setting SMART goals

The Dabbling Speechie Felice Clark and Hallie Sherman

Joke of the Week


Q: Why was the math book sad?

A:  Because it had too many problems.


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