Semantic Feature Practice Worksheets

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I am always creating materials for my students based on their needs.  If something works for them, I try and create it to share with you!  This strategy has worked great with my students to help them learn how to compare and contrast with thorough details.  So, I made practice worksheets based on a variety of concepts that you may be using in your speech rooms!

What are semantic features??

illustrates how words are both similar and different and emphasizes the
uniqueness of each word.


draws on students' prior knowledge.
How can you use these worksheets?
can put a check or an “x” in each column if a word has that feature.
vocabulary used to teach the concept.
included: animals, clothing, around the home, furniture, seasons, weather,
animals, sports, occupations, and more!
This will help teach the concept and can give you framework to creating semantic feature charts yourself with your students!


This skill can be easily transferred to curriculum vocabulary concepts!  Great skill for carryover in the academic classrooms.
These worksheets are great if your students are struggling with Venn Diagrams.
You can access these worksheets in my TpT store by clicking HERE!