Sequencing Post Office (app review!)

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Another great app has been released by Virtual Speech Center.  They were generous to provide me with a copy to try and share with you!  Remember, the thoughts and opinions are all mine!

This app uses an adorable post office theme to work on sequencing.  I am always looking for new and creative ways to work on this skill.  My students struggle so much with it!!

Here is a view of the settings tab that can be found on the main page but also accessed while using the activity.  You can set if you want a score sound, how many sounds, if you want to show the score, and whether or not you want to enable an award (and how long it would last).  You can also back  up data and restore data from this page.  This is HUGE!!  Always back up!  You never know when technology can fail on you!

When you hit “start” you are brought the the “select students” page.  Here you can add students names you plan on using this app with.  You can set it up ahead of time or right as you take out your iPad to use it with student(s).  Like all Virtual Speech Center apps, you can store many student profiles and use the app with multiple students at a time.  LOVE to use with groups!  It is so easy to add students.  Just hit the tab “add student”!  Once added, click their names so you see a check mark and hit “next” to start!


Once you hit “next” you are able to select activities for each student.  Love that you can individualize for each student working with and students don't have to know they are working on different activities/goals.  Some examples of activities: making a sandwich, making pizza, baking cookies, doing the laundry, getting dressed, shaving, and wrapping a present.  These activities are functional, appropriate, and motivating for students of all ages.  You can select all of them or just one at a time.  Since it is summer, I will show you the activity, “making a sand castle.”

Once you start an activity, students are presented with a cute mailman character that introduces activity.  He tells them that once they earn enough points they can earn a game.  You can click “skip” if you like to skip this feature.

In the activity, students are presented with 4 images and 4 slots to move them to make the sequence.  Once students move the pictures, they are informed with a sound to let them know if they are correct or incorrect.  They are able to try again if incorrect.  Just hit the green arrow.


On the top of the screen, you can see it lets you know how many pictures are presented (4).  If desired, you can switch that number and students are presented with more or less images to sequence.

Once students sequence, you can have them express the sequence.  There is a record and playback button so they can record and hear their responses.  They can assess their own work!

Once done with that activity, hit “next” to work on another sequence already preset, have another student take a turn, or finish and see the data/scores.

On the session report, you can email report or just let it stay stored in the app.

You can also access reports from the main page.  Scores are sorted by user, goal, and date which makes it easy to find!  This is great for progress monitoring and planning future sessions.

Learn more about this $4.99 app by visiting Virtual Speech Center's website or iTunes!