Scheduling Would Be Easier If… (tips, ideas, and a freebie!)

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Scheduling is probably the most HATED aspect of the job.  Many dread going back to school after a relaxing summer because of it.

I recently posted on my Facebook page the statement for you to finish: “Scheduling would be easier if…”  Below were the common or funniest responses:

  • If I didn't have to do it
  • If teachers were flexible
  • If I had a magic wand
  • If I was retired
  • If I was the only service provider
  • If someone else did it for me
  • If I was a millionaire
  • If I could get kids whenever I wanted them
  • If the administration didn't change the schedule
  • If I could group kids based on goals not availability
  • and so many more….hop on over to my page to see them!
My one word of advice…RELAX!  It will get done, it always gets done!  What do I do?!


  • Go through entire caseload, double check mandates, find out what classrooms everyone is in and see what other services they are receiving
  • I use Excel and make spreadsheets to help keep myself organized
  • I walk around to each teacher to let them know that I have a student in their classrooms on my caseload and to make sure I have their up to date class schedules
  • I make sure with administration there are or aren't any “blocked” times I am not allowed to pull students from
  • Grab a blank schedule: either draw it onto a HUGE dry erase board, make it on a file folder, use it directly on a computer, or print it out and work on a piece of paper.  Do whatever works best for you!
  • I like to go through each student and write down what times they are available.  See if there are similarities in availability with students of similar age/grade/goal (if ideally possible!)
  • Start plugging these slots into your schedule.  Move around if necessary.  Be's going to change once you find out when the social workers, OTs, PTs, resource room teachers, and others need these students!  I like to create groups, write them onto Post-Its and move the post-its around the template!
  • Write in pencil or something that can be erased!!
  • Each time you change your schedule, DATE IT!!!  There are so many times I forget which version was the most recent one!!
How else do I stay calm, organized, and focused?!  I give memos to teachers with their students' speech times.  This allows for quick transfer of communication and they can easily let me know if there are conflicts by writing on the memo back!  I have shared my memo used as a FREEBIE in my TpT store!  It is so easy to use.  All you have to do is complete it with the student's name, circle the days of the week and write in the time!
You can access it by clicking HERE!