Shades of Meaning Puzzles!

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Puzzles are a great way to pass the time, and they can be great gifts. When I was a kid, we always did puzzles, and I loved them. We even thought it would be fun to make Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzles out of our family photos, but we never got around to doing that. Over the years, I've learned that Puzzles are a great way to learn for any age. Are you looking for more activities to build vocabulary and word knowledge??! Do you have students working on synonyms but looking for a unique way to address this goal?! This activity is for you!! Build vocabulary and word knowledge with these fun puzzles!!

What is shades of meaning? Some words can be similar in meaning like synonyms but these words have subtle changes in meaning. They are closely related.

Using this activity:
-Students must locate the different puzzle pieces that contain words with the same shades of meaning to put the 4-piece puzzles together.

-One puzzle piece will be “easy” with the word and an image. The other 3 pieces will be “harder” words in sentences. Students must use their context clues knowledge in order to determine which puzzles go together.

-To assemble: Print all puzzles and cut them apart. Laminate them. Place all puzzle pieces in the middle of a pile/table. Students can locate all of the puzzle pieces with images to start. Then they can take turns picking puzzle pieces, reading the sentences, and using their context clues to determine which puzzle it belongs to. Last, they can put the 4-piece puzzles together.
8 verbs and 8 adjectives are included! The verbs have red stars and the adjectives have blue stars. This way if you want to separate them and use one part of speech per session/lesson you can. Can your students recognize that all of the words go together in the part of speech category?

-Verb & adjective visuals are provided.

-Review worksheets.

-Graphic organizer to document new vocabulary down.

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