Speaker’s Purpose!

Many classroom teachers teach “author's purpose.”  As an SLP, I often refer to “speaker's purpose.”  This is because it isn't always in written text that we discuss the purpose or reason behind the information presented.  This skill is extremely important for higher grade levels.  Therefore, I created an activity!

It uses a pie theme since the three main purposes are: persuasion, inform, and entertain!  First, there is a visual of the different types!

The activity is a sorting activity.  Students must read or listen to each piece of information or story.  They must determine using the visual and their knowledge of speaker's purpose to sort into the correct pie!


There is a review worksheet that uses one sentence for students to determine the purpose and then circle from the choices provided!  This can be used as a review at the end of the activity or homework.

Although this is a pie theme, it can be used all year round!  I just wanted to push it out while we are still in Thanksgiving season!  I hope you find this one useful!  You can access it at my TpT store!