83: Stay Calm And Teletherapy On with Kendra Allison

Stay Calm And Teletherapy On with Kendra Allison




So many of us took on the challenge of teletherapy over the last year…

Some of us are even still doing teletherapy!

That’s why I am interviewing Kendra Allison in this episode. She is talking to us about how to stay motivated and positive when it comes to teletherapy.

Kendra T. Allison is a licensed speech-language pathologist, teletherapist, School SLP coach and course creator, and owner of Speechology communication services PLLC based in Charlotte NC. She has been practicing and contracting speech pathology services for 15+ years in schools, private home therapy, and care facilities.

Kendra stresses the importance of keeping teletherapy (or in-person therapy) super simple, and I think you will all really love and appreciate that approach and the perspective shifts that she has to offer.


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The many challenges of teletherapy
  • Navigating accountability with parents
  • What to do if students are in daycare
  • Ideas for recharging and taking breaks
  • The benefits of digital products even when you’re in-person
  • How to keep it simple when finding resources
  • Who would benefit from SLP coaching


If you are feeling overwhelmed with your caseload, you are not alone! This happens to even the most experienced SLPs. I hope Kendra’s tips for reducing overwhelm and staying motivated help you this school year.

If you want more from Kendra, sign up for her “Cool School SLP” email list. You can find it through her bio over on Instagram! While you’re there, send her a DM letting her know your favorite tip from this episode! You can also reach out to her if you want to discuss coaching. All of her links are below!

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Stay Calm And Teletherapy On with Kendra Allison


Joke of the Week:

Q: How do you close a letter under the sea?

A: Seal it with a kiss!


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