Summer Olympics Following Directions Game

As part of my summer caseload, I have to go into a camp to do speech therapy.  The camp has weekly themes just like a school which is great.  I try to incorporate the themes into my sessions to make it more like “camp” and less like “school!”  This week's theme was the summer Olympics!  I created this fun game since one of my client's goals are related to auditory memory/comprehension and following directions.

When you are driving around like I do during the summer, the lightest materials and easiest to make are best!  I just glued these onto index cards since I did not have time to laminate.  I will laminate at a later time so I can use them in the future.  I placed them into a brown paper lunch bag.

Each student got to reach in and grab a card.  I made my students hand them back to me to read since I wanted them to work on listening.  I read each card twice: the first time the students had to listen to see if it was a 1, 2, or 3 step directive.  The second time they had to use their fingers to help listen for each step.  Once they followed the directive appropriately, they got to hold onto their card for their “point.”  Although this is a game, it is also a learning opportunity.  If they were not able to follow directive correctly, I tried reading it a third time or modeled.  Depending on what they did wrong (mixed up order to forgot the action required), that's how I chose to handle the incorrect responses.

I threw in the 3 winning metals: gold, silver, and bronze.  If your student selects one of these cards, they get a bonus turn!  Whoever has the most cards at the end, wins!

This was an easy activity to reach these goals.  What do you do to teach this skill?  To grab your copy of this activity, click here!