Summer themed say and color worksheets!

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As the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, I like to bring in summer themed activities.  It definitely helps deal with my hot classroom!  I will try and post over the next week or two many materials that go with the theme!

For today, I have a synonyms and antonyms say and color worksheets.  Each one was developed using coloring pages I found using Google (I cannot take credit for the graphics, just the finished product!).

You can use this during therapy as a review of the vocabulary worked on during the year or send home in a summer review packet.  Once the student verbally expresses the synonym or antonym, they can color the picture or part of picture.  You can give them a multi-step direction, “once you tell me the synonym of goofy, you can color the sun yellow.”  You can use this as a review and make index card games using the same vocabulary words (memory or go fish).

For the synonyms worksheet, note that I included a cue to help remind students that the words mean the same and they can use the sentence strip to express the words using expanded utterances.

I hope you find these worksheet fun, motivating, and helpful!  My students enjoy using them and I hope yours can too!

Grab your copies here: Synonyms Opposites


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