Update from Miss Speechie’s Speech Room!

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, my speech room has been BUZZING with Thanksgiving themed activities.  Here is a brief overview of some things you would see as you walked by:

Gobble Gobble Past Tense Verbs:

We have been using this card game in my grammar groups.  I paired this activity with my Syntax City and Verbs News apps!

My older vocabulary groups have been using my Turkey Talk Synonyms Game.


We have been pairing this game with my Language Adventures app!

My auditory comprehension groups have been using activities from my Thanksgiving Listening for Details Pack!

I paired this with several apps but one I enjoyed much was my One Step Two Step app, by Synapse Apps, LLC.  This app has a great activity board for the Thanksgiving theme.  It gives students two-step directives to complete while decorating the picture!  So fun and collected data!


That's my speech room in a nut shell this week so far!!  How about yours?!!  Share some fun ideas!!!