Shrek Opposites

Like I have said before, I LOVE incorporating movies and TV into my therapy sessions when appropriate.  Another movie that has so many elements you can use is Shrek.  Yes, I know there are multiple Shrek movies, I have seen them all!  Whether it's the first, when Shrek saves the princess, or the last when Shrek is fighting with Prince Charming, you can demonstrate use of vocabulary and/or story elements by discussing the movie.  I have developed Shrek and Donkey opposite cards to review vocabulary.  You can use with a memory or go fish game.  Once the students find a match, they can describe how they go together.  They can practice producing complex sentences by using Shrek and Donkey in their sentences and describe them using the opposites.  You can also use them to compare/contrast the characters.  You can generate a Venn Diagram as you play and create lists for the two characters.  Then once complete, you can discuss how they are the same based on their knowledge of the movies.

I have also created a review crossword puzzle.  I did not include a word bank but you can always provide one for your students.  I did include some new opposite pairs to assess whether my students have grasped the concept and can carry it over to new words.  Depending on the students/groups, I may use this as homework practice or at the end of the session to assess understanding.  I also may use this to assess memory of the skill at the beginning of the next session.  Grab it here!