Speech Journal ((app review & giveaway))

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The developers over at Mobile Education Store has contacted me about a review of one of their apps.  Since I already had this one, we decided I would review and give away a code to one of you!

Speech Journal is an app that allows you to be creative and use for many purposes:

  • Can use to make introducing concepts fun and exciting
  • Create social stories
  • Present and teach sequences of events
  • Create stories using articulation sounds
  • And so much more!

You can create a profile for your group or student you are working with.  This allows you to archive files under that student's profile.

I had fun importing images that I have saved on my iPad!  I have various images of cartoon characters saved that I grabbed from google images using Safari.  I recommend keeping images that can be used with a wide variety of apps!  Makes it easy to grab and go!  I also have images that I have created using “Paint” on my computer and coping and pasting images from Boardmaker.  I use these images for many apps (image spinner, mneemo, speech journal, and others).

You can add one image, add a recording (edit if necessary) and then save if you would like.  You can add images from your photos or you can take pictures with the camera!  This is great if you want to capture your students doing certain actions, can take pictures of their drawings, or even take pictures of places (around school, around community, or even the people around school)!

You can also add an image, add a recording, the click add an image again (but select to add to the current page) if you would like to create a sequence or story.  Once you are completely done, then you can save and listen to the whole creation!


At any time, you can click “archive” on the bottom tab to access saved recordings.


This app is priced at a reasonable price $1.99 since you can use it for a variety of purposes.  Now is your chance to win a copy for yourself!  Enter to win below:

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