Topic Maintenance & Conversational Turn Taking Variety Pack!


Practice topic maintenance and keep conversations going with this fun activity!  It has 5 different themes for more the fun! (Clowns, Movies, Magic, Cowboys, and Pirates!)

In this file:
-5 Different Conversation Card Sets

-Topic cards

-Sorting cards: questions and answers related to the topic cards.  Students must sort these cards to the appropriate topic.
Once sorted, students can work together to arrange the conversation in the correct order to make sense!

-Act it out!  Have students act out the conversations!  Can they add to it and keep it going?  Can they work together to make a list of more questions and answers related to the topic?

Grab this fun activity HERE!!

You can also have a chance to win it here!  All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address and a winner will be announced Sunday, February 10th in the evening!