“When” Book Activities

On my latest visit to a dollar store in my neighborhood, I was looking through the books they had on a table.  All of a sudden, one book caught my attention.  It was called “When?”!!  I immediately picked it up to see what it was about.  To my surprise, it was a book about animals and their babies and it had a “pop up” feature (yay reinforcer!).  I purchased the book and ran home to my Boardmaker and laminator and a lesson was created!

I reviewed with my students how we respond to “when” questions and then introduced the visual with a sentence strip.

I printed two copies of the animals and babies pictures and glued them onto index cards.  (**I am aware that the baby and boy were not in the story!  I had two extra spots on the boardmaker display and decided to add an extra one for discussion purposes.  It can also be used as generalization of the concept)  As we read the book, I asked my students “When does the ____ become a ______?”  My students had to use the sentence strip and the pictures from story to complete the sentence to answer the question correctly and move onto the next page.

To review and get extra practice and repetition, we played “Go Fish” using the animals and babies cards.  This allowed social interaction, turn taking, and review of vocabulary and responding to “when” questions.  This amazing dollar store find let to TONS of drilling and fun!  Have you seen this book?!  I need to go back and get the other “wh” question books!

Grab the visual here!
Grab the animals and babies cards here!