Who Sent The Letter?!

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I am always trying to create activities that work on multiple skills at one time.  I created this activity that is hands on and works on the following goals:

  • Answering questions
  • Auditory comprehension
  • Inferencing
  • Character Traits/Adjectives
  • Listening for details
  • Community helper vocabulary
  • Prepositions
  • Using graphic organizers
  • Written expression
Yes! You read correctly!  It can target all of those goals!  Keep reading to learn more about this 2-in-1 activity!
In this activity:
-Mailbox for visual/putting letters in the mail.   You can glue this page onto a file folder or a large envelope and cut a hole.  You can have students “mail their letters” after they respond or do the required tasks.  Can use to practice prepositions as well.
-“Envelope” page:  Use this page to glue on the opposite side of clues to help illustrate the concept of a “letter”
-Community Helper Pictures and Clues:  Print a copy of the community helper pictures.  These will help students retrieve the answers to the clues if they can not think of them independently.
Glue the clues on the other side of the “envelope” page.  Read the clues.  Have students pick the community helper that sent the letter based on the clues provided.
-Character Traits Pictures and Clues:  Print a copy of the “characters” page.  These will be the answers for your students to  listen for.  Glue the clues onto the other side of the “envelope” page.  Read the clues to your students.  Have  your students select the appropriate character  based on the description provided.
-Graphic organizer to help students listen for clues and document responses
-Follow-up writing activity:  Students will have an opportunity to write back to one of the letters written.  Encourage your students to use the clues from the letter in their responses.
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