Articulate It! ((App Review & Giveaway!))

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I know many of you have students with articulation goals.  Although I do  not have many, I do have several.  I enjoy using apps to help make therapy motivating and exciting.  I was contacted by Smarty Ears and provided with the opportunity to check out one of their articulation apps, Articulate it!  I was also given an extra code to raffle off to one lucky person!  Keep reading to learn more about this app and how you can win a copy for yourself!

On the main page, you can see you can the ability to do a “quick play” which does not collect and save data for future sessions but is a good feature if you are wanting to quickly to a drill at the end of a session and do not have time to enter in students.

You can also adjust settings, retrieve score reports, and connect with the Therapy Report Center App.   If you click “select player,” you can enter in students and select pre-entered students to work with.



You can work with multiple students at one time (up to 5 students!).  The app automatically switches between the students.  There are four different activities:

You can select a different activity for each student which is great for individualization.  The students won't even realize they have different activities!  For each activity, have even more ability to select for each student:







Once you are ready to “play,” there are more options!  For each student, you can select (and even switch off in the middle of the student's turn) if you want word, phrase, or sentence level.  I recommend starting at word and if successful, moving along to sentence level.  Students can touch the picture to get model, record responses and play back.  You can then “score” or have students critique own responses with the “check” and “x” on the bottom.





While working on the activity, you can edit settings:

You can take notes, I recommend documenting what errors they are making/substitutions:

You can also rotate if desired.  Once ready, you can hit the “home” button to terminate the activity.  It even prompts you in case you/your student hits it by accident.

You will be brought to the student report page:

As you can see, you can access scores for each activity and level practiced.  If you click “notes” you can access all of the notes documented during the activity.  If you click “words” you can access words presented.  If you click “recordings” you can access student recorded productions which is great if you wanted to analyze later on, have students listen and note progress, or self reflect.

Overall impression of this app:

  • Easy to use
  • Great data collected and easily accessible/connects with Therapy Report App, progress monitoring
  • Multi-users and individualized
  • Ability to record responses and self-reflect
  • Can switch from word, phrase, sentence while working on activity
  • Can work on individual sounds or phonological processes
  • Great for drilling/excessive productions of target sounds
  • Love that you can easily access notes/recordings/word lists to help plan future goals/session objectives/home practice
  • Lots of opportunities for students to self monitor and reflect own productions
Loving this app yet?!  I hope so!  You can learn more about this $38.99 app by clicking the following links below:
Now it is your turn to win it!  Enter in the rafflecopter below!  Good Luck! 🙂

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