Winter Graphic Organizers for SLPs! (plus freebies!)

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This HUGE download is filled with graphic organizers and activities to practice using them with a winter theme!

In this file:
-Basic Sequencing Chart

-Listening for Wh- Questions

-Cause & Effect:  Either use the sample provided or the blank form to use with stories or own concepts

-Main Idea & Supporting Details:  Use the two samples provided to teach determining a main idea and details based on information provided.  A blank form is provided to use with own stories

-Key Story Elements

-Venn Diagram:  Sample compare/contrast for winter items/stories are provided and a blank for own use

-Vocabulary Frayer Square:  Sample pages provided and a blank for varied use as well

-Inference Chart:  Use to help use schema and clues

-Winter Word Hunt:  Students can try to determine a winter word that starts with every letter of the alphabet.  Can be used as a game, vocabulary practice, or even articulation.

-Words That Describe Web:  Some sample pages are provided with winter nouns.  A blank form is provided as well for varied use.

-Author’s/Speaker’s Purpose

-Asking Questions During Reading Process: This will help encourage students to express questions  based on what they have read/heard and develop their own answers.

How do I plan on using this pack to reduce usage of colored ink?  I was going to make 5 laminated books for each skill and one of just the blank forms.  I will make 5 since that is my largest group size.  This way, I can easily grab and use these graphic organizers and they become dry erase!!  Easy to reuse with various groups!  But yes, I can also just print some in blank-and-white ink too if I want students to use pencils!  Grab this HUGE and helpful download HERE!

Not sure if this pack is for you?!  Try out this freebie HERE!