Adjective Aliens

Many students on my caseload this year struggle with understanding adjectives.  Adjectives are important for students to understand to help them expand utterance length, understand describing, comparing and contrasting, and much more!  It helps with visualization strategies as well.  Therefore, I created a fun download pack of activities to help address this skill.   I found adorable graphics on Scrappin
that I had to use in a fun way to target these goals!  You can access this download through Teachers Pay Teachers.

What is in this file:

  • sorting cards: “how much?” vs. “what kind?”
  • Matching
    adjective synonyms cards.
  • Board
    game that requires students to verbally express an adjective to describe the
    noun provided.
  • Review
    worksheet: match noun to the adjective that describes it best.

Sorting Cards: these were created to help sort adjective words into what they are describing. This strategy has worked well in my therapy room.  It helps students chunk the vocabulary together.  All you have to do is print and laminate! You can take this activity further and see if students can think of nouns that the adjectives provided describe. Can they think of their own?

Matching adjective synonyms: All you have to do is print, glue to card stock or index cards and laminate! You can drill, play memory, or go fish!  Does your students understand that there can be more than one word that means the same thing and can describe a noun?!

Adjectives Board Game:
Print and laminate the game board onto a file folder or just laminate as is.  Students can move along board for responding correctly or you can use a dice or spinner to help them move along the board.  The game cards prompt the students to think of an adjective for the nouns provided.  You can provide students with choices on a dry erase board if necessary.


Review worksheet:
If you have not noticed by now, I love to include a review worksheet.  It helps to collect data, assess progress and understanding.  It can also be great for homework.  This worksheet requires students to match the adjective to the noun that it best describes.

To check out this activity for yourself, visit my TpT Store.  I hope you love this activity as much as I do.  The graphics will motivate your students to learn and understand adjectives!  Let me know what you think!