Community Helpers Fun! Language Pack!

Many classrooms work on building vocabulary with community helpers.  They are great for understanding things around a community, responding to “who” “what” and “where” questions, and so much more!  I created a new download that uses a community helpers theme to address a variety of language skills.  Build receptive and expressive vocabulary with my Community Helpers Fun! Language Pack!

What will you find in this pack?  Keep reading!

Regular Plurals Matching Cards:  All you have to do is print, glue onto card stock/index cards/construction paper and laminate.  Then you will be ready to play!  You can use these cards to play any memory or matching game.  I used the vocabulary of the community helper picture on the card as the regular singular and plurals.  Students can be introduced to plurals and then review using these cards by matching the appropriate singular and plural form.  Take this activity to another level or use with students with multiple goals by having students explain how the community helper and the vocabulary used go together!

Listening for categories game cards:  All you have to do is print and laminate!  Use with any motivating game or the board game provided at the end of the file.  Students draw a card.  Then you can read the card to the student.  Each card has a list of items provided.  The items are part of the same category.  Can students recall the items?  Can they name the category they belong into?

Preposition Cards:  All you have to do is print and laminate.  You can use with any motivating game or the game board provided.  Can your students locate the named community helpers vocabulary?  Can they respond the the “where” questions provided?  Want to take this activity to another level?  Can they discover which pictures go together?  Can they find and explain the community helpers and their vehicles/objects?!

Board Game:

I created a fun community helpers themed board game to use with the game cards provided.  You can also use with any other commercially produced community helpers materials.  Just print, laminate, and grab game pieces/dice/spinner.

You can find this activity on my TpT store!  Graphics were purchased from KPM Doodles.  I hope you love this activity and can find it useful for a variety of students and goals!